Luxury Real Estate: The Ultimate Investment. We’ll be discussing it on Antenna 1 Radio from Turin (Italy) starting from early September 2023, and we are currently in the process of gathering the first participating real estate agencies for interviews on our national radio and across our journalistic outlets in English, German, Spanish, and French.

Hosted by Claudio Pasqua, entrepreneur, journalist, and radio speaker, we will be interviewing key players in the Luxury Real Estate world.

In an era where the financial market might seem uncertain and traditional investment options may not promise lucrative returns, there is a sector that continues to shine with exciting prospects: luxury real estate. From costly urban residences to sumptuous properties in exotic destinations, luxury homes are capturing investors’ attention like never before.

Hosted by Claudio Pasqua
Claudio Pasqua, Radio Speaker

Luxury has never been more enticing than it is now, with high-net-worth individuals and investors seeking unique ways to preserve and grow their wealth. Luxury homes offer a blend of comfort, prestige, and financial stability that makes them appealing to those seeking a solid and lasting investment.

Resilience to Market Fluctuations

One of the most intriguing features of luxury real estate is its resilience to market fluctuations. While the real estate sector as a whole can be influenced by cyclic highs and lows, luxury properties tend to experience fewer oscillations. This is partly due to the consistent demand from high-income buyers, who often seek stable investments and secure havens for their capital.

The Concept of “Tangible Investment”

Investing in luxury properties offers a particular advantage: tangibility. Unlike financial instruments that exist only on paper, a luxury home is a physical asset that can be touched, lived in, and enjoyed. This tangible factor adds an emotional element to the investment, which can further stabilize its long-term value.

Portfolio Diversification

For investors looking to diversify their portfolio, luxury real estate presents an intriguing opportunity. Purchasing luxury properties in different destinations can provide coverage against specific risks of a single real estate market. Additionally, luxury homes can also be leveraged as a source of income through short or long-term rentals.

Exclusivity as Added Value

Exclusivity is a distinctive trait of luxury real estate. Luxury properties often boast unique designs, privileged locations, and personalized services. These elements add intrinsic value that can withstand changing market conditions. Luxury home buyers are not merely seeking a house; they are pursuing an extraordinary lifestyle experience.

In a world where financial uncertainty seems to be the norm, luxury real estate stands as a beacon of stability and potential profit. From New York to Paris, from Miami to Dubai, luxury properties are proving to be one of the finest investments available to discerning individuals and investors.

Immobiliare di lusso: come sta andando il mercato delle case di pregio in Italia

Why We Bring Luxury Real Estate to the Radio

The radio, with its intimate and engaging nature, provides an ideal context to explore the world of luxury real estate. As we discuss refined properties and exclusive environments, your minds can paint vivid images, transporting you to places of extraordinary beauty. The radio fuels your imagination, allowing you to mentally create captivating spaces and breathtaking landscapes, as if you were there in person.

But why choose the radio to talk about a sector often associated with visual images? The answer lies in the essence of human imagination. The radio prompts the listener to actively participate in constructing stories and images, making the experience more personal and engaging. Every detailed description of a luxurious property allows the listener to visualize that place based on their own perspectives and fantasies.

Furthermore, radio is a versatile medium that reaches a diverse audience. While some may not have the opportunity to physically visit these properties, the radio allows them to access an auditory window to worlds of charm and opulence. The listener can be in their car, at home, or in the office, immersing themselves in the conversation without geographical limits or time restrictions.

Beyond its ability to stimulate imagination and reach a wide audience, radio offers an intimate atmosphere that allows for a deep exploration of the world of luxury real estate. Through the words and voices of experts, we can analyze emerging trends, nuances of luxury architecture, and success stories that make this sector so fascinating.

So, as we explore the motivations and advantages of the luxury real estate market, let’s not forget the importance of doing it through radio. This medium offers us the opportunity to create deep connections with the listener, to transport them into worlds of beauty and inspiration, and to make them feel part of a conversation that goes beyond mere speech. Thank you for choosing us today and allowing us to share with you the magic of the luxury real estate market through the soundwaves of radio.

Special Interviews in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, German and Italian

Special interviews in various languages about the renowned magazine “Interiorissimi”. This magazine takes us into the heart of the interior design world, with a privileged view of the most luxurious and captivating environments. We will immerse ourselves in the creative minds of some of the most talented interior designers from different parts of the world.

In these interviews, we will discover how the culture and history of each country influence interior design, and how savvy real estate professionals and creative minds tackle challenges and inspirations in unique ways. Let yourself be carried away by the words of these talented real estate professionals and designers, and immerse yourself in the universe of “Interiorissimi”. Whether you’re a design enthusiast, an aspiring designer, or simply curious, these interviews promise to offer a fascinating perspective on how the inner world reflects the outer world. Thank you for choosing us and happy listening.

Antenna 1 Radio: streaming worldwide

Join us from September on Antenna 1 Radio, where we will delve deep into the captivating and rewarding world of luxury homes. Discover how luxury real estate is redefining the very concept of investment, offering unique and solid opportunities that stand the test of time.

For information and participation in the interviews with your business via email at

Portiamo in Radio il Luxury Real estate: le abitazioni di lusso come migliore investimento


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