Spotify introduces an AI-based feature that promises to revolutionize the way we listen to music, challenging the traditional role of the disc jockey.

This novelty, now available in preview for Premium users in North America, will soon also be accessible in Italy. The platform, known for personalizing the listening experience, dives further into artificial intelligence to offer users a closer contact with their favorite artists. By leveraging data to refine their musical choices, Spotify’s AI proposes personalized playlists and mixes, aiming for a seamless listening experience that could make the DJ redundant.

This service, in beta phase, not only offers a carefully curated music selection but also enriches the experience with comments on the musical pieces and artists, making Spotify more interactive and responsive to the listener’s needs. With the aid of Open AI’s technology, the same behind the popular Chat GPT, Spotify’s music experts can provide detailed analysis and insights on tracks, artists, and musical genres.

Thanks to the collaboration with Sonantic, Spotify also equips itself with an AI voice platform that produces surprisingly realistic voices, aimed at transforming user interaction. This innovative approach is currently available to Premium users in English in the United States and Canada, with prospects for rapid expansion.


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